Project Description:

Educational Programs


GRC provides educational programs for English language instruction, math, job skill training and computer.

The community-based non-profit outreach educational and tutoring center established in the city of Clarkston at

428C  Indian Creek Road

Clarkston, GA 30021 

This center helps students from all ethnic backgrounds and cultures that need skills to enter college and succeed in their studies to graduate. 

This center also provides continuous educations for students who are still in public schools. This student needs to get help for their home work while their parents are employing or illiterate. 

This center provides assistance especially those from the extremely low income and irregular educational backgrounds. Without GRC support many students would be drop outs and never attain their goals.

GRC center operates 3 part time staff member as volunteers without pay who teaches the students.

The Director of the Center is Dr. Mohamed Ali Nur , you can reach him at 770-820-4541 


GRC now intends to extend this center and establish another center near where the communities live. This will enable the student to come the center by walking.  Bu this depends from our donators who will provide the fund to establish this development.


Out Reach Program

GRC provides out reach services to immigrants, senior citiziens and families and individuals needing a hand up to become self suffient and independent.

Educational Assistance

GRC provies low income children with school supplies, computers and financiall assistance..

 The purpose of the Corporation shall be charitable and educational, within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The purpose of the corporation shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following: 


a)         To provide opportunities for self-sufficient and economical independence



b)         To improve the quality of life and empower low income individuals and

 families in the state Of Georgia, and nationwide.


c)         To provide a facility for education, hands on training, community

economic development, health for individuals, families and immigrants,

and cooperative community housing with private and government



d)         To promote civility, economic independence, and education for individuals,

             families and immigrants.


e)         To contribute toward capacity building for women workforce, sustainable practices in technology and education transfers.


f)         To promote laws that protects the Human rights of women and children.


e)         To work with and coordinate activities with other community organizations

and associations in the furtherance of common goals, such goals to be consistent with Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.




We are Community-based non-profit organization provides services and education center in the city of Clarkston and surrounding areas of Atlanta.  The GRC has provided services since 2002 for all ethnic back ground that has come this country as refugee.. 

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