Out Reach Comunity Programs

GRC provides outreach services to immigrants, senior citizens and families and individuals needing a hand up to become self suffient and independent.

We provide assistance or consultant for the following categories:

Ø  Immigrant Assistance

Ø  Social Adjustment

Ø  Outreach Assistance

Ø  Immigrant Youth Program

Ø  Elderly Assistance

Ø  Support for Healthy Families

Ø  Disaster Relief


Immigrant Youth Program:

GRC are providing after school program that reaches the young kids. These programs will encourage the young kids to get involve sports. There are different teams with their coaches that practice soccer or basketball. And during school breaks or summer time these young kids travel to other states for participating events of sport. 

The Direct of Youth Program is Dr. Ali Osman Ali and you can reach at 770-912-4318                                                 

Center Programs


GRC provides Assistance through our center program for the following categories:

Ø  Citizenship and Naturalization

Ø  English Language Instruction

Ø  Job Skills Training

Ø  Employment Placement

Ø  Interpretation and Translation

Ø  Information and Referral

Ø  Parenting Classes

Educational Assistance

GRC provides low income children with school supplies, computers and financial assistance..

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